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Oh Christmas Tree (Part II)

So.. I think I promised many of you a look at our Christmas tree this year.
┬áHe’s not so big as the fellow from last year, but at least he is nice and thick and bushy- full of leaf and lush of colour!

We went out to the Tannenhof last Monday evening- and boy oh boy was it cold!- at least -4 degrees with winds that must’ve been coming straight of the Siberian plains.

Quick decisions were made, quivering fingers pointed at the Chosen Tree, and we limped home, lugging our new fellow behind us (and through the station instead of around- we are such naughty little auslaenders!).

Last year’s little birdies are back, but this year they’ve got other animal friends: Big thank you to Lauren, who sent me the little ceramic dear-‘angel’ for my birthday! Isn’t it beautiful!



This year we’re also going in for the Advent Candles…

And I made little advent packages- although to be honest, I’ve since discovered that it’s not so much fun to open when you already know what’s inside.

Just got to wait for Ariel and Dad to come around and open the special little ones designed for them!




So- what do you think? Full enough with Christmas Cheer?



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