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So it goes.

Just a quick post to update you on the new place.


We made the big move on Sunday, following a hell of a lot of foreplay and more boxes than you can imagine.

Now, we have lights, a stove, a new fridge and freezer (proper grown-up size this time), but are still waiting to finish up the floors, kitchen, internet, and then of course unpacking.

Also, something is a bit funny with the hot water, but at least we managed to get ‘lukewarm’ this morning instead of the ‘freezing cold’ of yesterday.

Here’s a gif made by Joram showing the moving of the stuff.


This move was only possible with the very kind help of many many friends- who made the whole thing super easy: the car was packed in about an hour, and everything was moved up four flights of stairs into the new place just a couple of hours later.

Thank you very very much everyone for the help- we’ll have a big party to celebrate as soon as we get the floors in!

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