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Lights, Camera, Bathroom

So, Bathroom is next on the list.. then I think we just have to show you the Living room, and the ‘spare room’, which is officially a ‘Kinderzimmer’ on the rent, but- because Andy goes a funny colour every time I call it that- is also affectionately known as the ‘Bob Dylan Room’ (The only room in the house where Andy is allowed to listen to Dylan), the ‘Cat Room’ (the place where we keep the cat or, the only place we don’t keep the cat if I get my way), the ‘Pony Room’ (because Pau has promised me one), or possibly the Guest Room.

But for now, do you like the mirror?
Andy chose it- sometimes the boy has pretty good taste!


Sorry, the colour’s a bit funny.. but I think at least part of it is reflection from our bright green curtain:


Because it’s a fairly old building, there are pipes running through the house that are not hiddent inside any internal wall. I decided to ‘include them in my design process’.

Which basically means, I hung plants on them.

They’re orchids, they like to feel high!

Speaking of plants… the great thing about FINALLY having a bathroom with a window is:



It’s a shame about the PCV flooring, but the window makes me happy enough to ignore even this (at least for now).

What do you think?

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