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Things to do in Leipzig: Best Eis in the City?

If everything goes well, today we will be heading to stilinberlin’s ice-cream market.

Which, I’m hoping, is exactly what the name suggests.

And because of this event, and because we are generally Eis-schweinchenen (how do you make a ‘chen’ plural German people?), our conversations of late have gravitated somewhat towards the discussion of icecream experiences.  Yesterday, my friend was describing the most amazing pistachio icecream in the world- which apparently exists at Berlin’s Hokey Pokey ( I don’t know.. he still refuses to take me to -trying to keep all the Eis for himself I suspect)… and I thought of this:


If ever a thing truly captured the essence of another thing!
I’m a chocolate girl myself- but Andy is extremely nutty, is all about the nuts,  likes pistachio. And I think pistachio is a better measure of the greatness of an icecream joint, because it seems so much easier to get wrong.
Meet Milchbar Pinguin– which is right in the centre of Leipzig, near S-bahn Marktplatz. (Pretty surprising huh? I always expect high-traffic areas to have low-quality produce!), and produces some of the best pistachio icecream that we have ever gotten our sticky little paws on.

The prices aren’t cheap for Germany- 1.30 for a ‘normal’ flavour, and 1.60 for the premium- which includes the heartbreakingly delicious pistachio.

We also chowed down on the dark chocolate (seen above with Andy), which somehow managed to not only be dark, but- unlike most ‘Zartbitter’ eis in this country, also creamy and not overly sweet.

Plus a brownie (below)- which I would struggle to find any fault with.

Nonetheless, if you’re not capable of eating your way though quite the same quantity of icecream as us, you should probably just head straight for that creamy green flavour giant.

Do you notice that my clothes have changed between the two photos (above and below)?

Different outfits, different days.
The great thing about a weekend trip is that it’s totally ok to visit your new favourite icecream joint two times in two days.


Milchbar Pinguin is on S Marktplatz in Leipzig, on the corner of Katharinenstr., and Boettchergasschen.


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