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Things to do in Leipzig: Botanical Gardens

It’s not just because I’m a plant biologist* that I say ‘Always Visit the Botanical Gardens’

*in any case, I’m a molecular biologist not a botanist, so I pretty much only know our model plant ‘arabidopsis’, and tobacco

But if you’re visiting a foreign land, or even looking for something to do in your home town on a quiet weekend, and the weather is fine- what could be better than idling away the day, in the sun, looking at beautiful flowers?

If you’re in Leipzig, there’s are some extra special reasons to visit the Botanical Garden-

  • The Leipzig Botanical garden is the oldest in Germany (it’s been around since the 16th century!!),
  • it has 7000 species from around the world (perfectly arranged by taxonomy- it’s the German way), and –
  • it’s Mostly Free!






The plants are sprawled over rockeries, or tucked into tidy walk-through-able beds, neatly labelled with the scientific species name- and, in case you’re into that sort of thing- the German common name.



A Plant Biologist, Contemplating A Plant


^Greenhouses, reminding us that some plants have gotta earn their way (by being studied), and that the weather is not always so lovely in Deutschland.



You can spend a good amount of time just roaming around outside, but if you’re into tropical plants, desert plants, orchids and butterflies, you might consider pyaing the extra 4 euro entrance fee to get into the ‘super special’ section of the garden.


By no means is this necessary- as I said, there’s enough to please anyone in the free sections of the garden, but you can look at the cost as a small donation for the continued upkeep of such a beautiful place.



This butterfly was attacking the other one. I’m not sure why- I think they were both males so…. competition?



As a plant biologist- looking at pale plants just makes me think ‘sick’. These guys even look like they’ve come out in some sort of rash!


Entering the Purple Garden.





I love what a hot mess these demised Pfingstrosen. Incidentally, we were in Leipzig for the Pfingsten long weekend (Pentecost in English), but the Pfingstrosen had long since seen their best days.



Although this guy is hanging on…

I have an incredible soft spot for poppies- they ran wild in our garden when I was a kid. They are absolutely useless¬†as cut flowers- pick them and the petals immediately leap from the flower- but I guess that just means you have to enjoy them in the ‘wild’.



And this beautiful fellow, the flowers hanging demurely amongst their greenery:

What do you think? There are definitely worse things to do with your time than idle through a garden eh?

The Leipzig Botanical Garden can be found near the University, on Linnestrasse., 1, 04103.

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