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Plants that Dance

I read somewhere* that this week is Plant Week.

As you all know, the collection of plants in my life and my apartment is an obsession second only to the collection of Kittens.


Kittens because, well, I don’t have any and never will¬†(Andy is allergic).
Plants because I have many. And because the obsession can be life-long, as the plant-gap in my heart can never really be filled: I think one can probably have enough cats (maybe?) but I find it impossible to imaging such a thing as too many plants.
And, although it’s wrong to play favourites with your carbon-fixing comrades, I want to show you this cute little fellow.
We picked him up when looking particularly for a eucalypt or other Aussie foliaged friends. Andy saw this guy, mentioned that they had something similar in the Far North West (Karratha), and I pounced on his reminiscence as a valid excuse to make our house just a little more green.
Because seriously, check this out!
It’s touch sensitive!
Not only do the leaves fold open and closed, but the stems themselves have little joints, bend in seconds as the stalk seems to just entirely loose pressure.
The closest thing I can have to a pet without actually bringing furry animals into the house.
Take that Animals- you with your self-important motility!

*The somewhere is actually¬†here, which is my new favourite ‘inspiration blog’. So many ideas. So much pretty!






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