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In the Living Room

I thought I’d add to our nest photos with some pictures of our living room.


Unlike our old place, where the living room kind of blended in from the kitchen in an ‘open living’ continuum, all our rooms in Berlin run off a single short corridor.

Which I actually prefer- the separation means the couch doesn’t smell like fried chicken, and we can shut off the sights, sounds and smells from one in the other.

As with the Kinder Zimmer, and the Bedroom, we’re going with Red Red Red- because it’s pretty much the best colour, and one of the few design features that Andy and I properly agree on.
Do you like my curtains?

I used some of the extra fabric from trimming the curtains to make cushions! Very Martha Stewart-y eh?

¬†“The Nook”
 Check it out: An Aussie bottlebrush!

And some less Aussie Orchids. I may have gone on a bit of an orchid spree. They were less than 4 euros each, which seems excessively reasonable.




Our lovely passionfruit form Nadia.

Grow my pretty, Grow!

Art from Budapest.

And Lo! Another Plant.




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