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Sun. Flower.

So. Autumn has descended on us with its full ambiguity.

Just when I was becoming so panicked about the 35 degree heat and the effect that it was having on my balkon garden.

Just when I finally broke and bought a hose to connect from the kitchen sink so that I wouldn’t spend half of my weekend running backwards and forwards with buckets.

There’s rain and there’s grey.

There are leaves leaping from trees, and the street in the morning has that creeping smell of sweet rotting foliage.

And I didn’t even get a chance to show you the pictures of my sunflowers!

Here goes.

Ok, I know you’re not really supposed to play favourites with pets and plants, but this gradated variety is just clearly, objectively* the best.

*which means I can’t help my preference- I’m just being scientific.

And while I haven’t yet gone crazy enough to believe that my flowers have feelings too, I couldn’t help suspecting that a certain photobombing bloom was jealous….

You can tell I’m pretty late to the photoshoot party.

The sun- coupled with my lazy watering routine- had an acceleratory effect on the sunflower blooming patterns.

Quite a few of the plants have even seeded already – leaving themselves open to be ravaged by hungry birds, who consequently left a seed-husk mess all across our balcony.

Of course, we’ve got other things growing too. These little physalis/gooseberry like guys (I’m sure a German will know what they actually are?) are a fairly strong reminder of the coming Autumn….

…but some of the Summer blooms are persisting.

Not all flowers are the good sort though. Despite my fight, the summer rapidly took the coriander (nooo!!). Apparently coriander will always go to seed as soon as it feels warm enough.

Slowly but surely, the parsley followed suit.

And now I’m in a battle-to-the-end (or to the winter) with the basil and mint.

Luckily some of the flowering events have fruitful outcomes.

Let’s go out with a bang.

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