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I thought I’d just put a very short update about our balcony.

Our balcony is tiny. As in, barely-enough-space-for-two tiny.

But I still love it.

It’s one of the reasons that I petitioned for our current appartment, as opposed to another (balcony-less) option that had slightly better public transport connections.


We’re on the top level of the building, and there’s a gap across the street, so there’s always a tonne of light bouncing in from every side.

At dusk, it gets particularly golden!


Anyway, given the tiny-ness, having a proper table is a bit of an issue. Even a little card table takes up nearly the whole space, and makes it tricky for us to get around when we want to hang our washing, or water the plants.


So Andy and I bought a ‘big girl drill’, and fixed these still-rather-rudimentary wooden ledges onto the walls with foldable hinges.

Thus making ‘his and hers’ tables for a nice little place to rest a tea cup, some breakfast, or a laptop, and then folds away when I want to use the balcony for repotting or sun salutations.


The bench in the background is currently an old coffee table, but I would like to replace it soon (well, as soon as I’ve finished thesising), with a real wooden bench. Something of roughly that height though, as it works for the tables and doesn’t make you feel like you’re about to topple off the edge.


The rest of my balcony this year, is admittedly a bit less vibrant than in past years. We’ve had a pretty crazy summer, with several spells of extreme heat (by Berlin standards, so, >30 degrees).

The sunflowers are just such extreme drinkers that if I don’t water them every few days, all the other fellows in their pot start to suffer, but we’ve just been so super busy lately.

Still, it’s enough colour to keep me pretty happy!

img_0190-copy img_0195-copy  img_0207-copy img_0216-copyimg_0137-copy

That’s it for now, except.. wait…

did I mention we also have fairy lights!img_0087-copy img_0090-copy


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