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Food-Selfies part II

In which I continue the journey through Perth in selfie, and food-shots.

I think we might be up to day Seven.

On my seventh day in Perth, I spent the morning with my BFF Ashlee and her family at Cottesloe beach. But was so enamoured with her not-quite-baby-anymore that I failed to take any photos until I left her, which I did by hopping on the train heading to Fremantle.

The two great signs of Freo are the Dingo Flour ad in North Freo, and the Dinosaur-like cranes that are spotted across the harbour.  But it also has great food. I stopped by Kakuhlas, an amazingly international bulk-food outlet that’s been around for years, to stock up on dried fruit (mmmm pears) and various other nibbles.

And then it was time for Japanese. Karaage (fried chicken) ramen and takoyaki shared with my mum, bought from a tiny ‘imbiss’ shop at the Freo Markets.   

We spent a bit of time in Freo, then headed back home to lounge about. There may have been an opshop or two in there on the way. I may or may not have bought a dress.

Ariel didn’t join for dinner, simply because the amount of food we had been eating since my arrival had reached an overwhelming point for her.

So we tried to fill in the evening without her with squid tentacles (hurrah!), and roti with curry, and rendang (hurrah, hurrah), as well as some bo bo cha cha- a kind of sweet coconut milk desert with sago and sweet potato.

Day Eight was Saturday, and began with leftovers- some more delicious indo/malaysian food that I decided I had to buy but didn’t have the stomach room to eat.

Pandan Rice cake- a layer of sweetened pandan coconut jelly on top of sticky rice.

Our mother forced us to get up early so that we could join her at the local farmers’ market…. an opportunity to get some more food into us, this time the most ‘Aussie’ things we could snack on:

Including cheesymite scrolls (cheese and vegemite)…

.. and a pretty delicious pulled kangaroo burger.    

Ariel and I drove to the shops to buy some gin, with our ride-a-long cat in tow… And then it was pretty much Birthday time.

Did I mention that my Aussie trip coincided with my 30th? Probably you already guessed it from the balloons.    

After friends and food and family, I spent the evening looking through some old photo albums at my parents’ house.

This is pretty much how I looked from the age of 8 to 17:

Fringe, hair in pigtails or plaits, and giant scrunchies.

And this was me in the years before:And… let’s be honest.. since.

The next morning I once again got sun and cat…

… and then got to chill with my two Perth beloveds, Ash (plus family) and Lauren.


In the afternoon Ariel and I hit up Naval Base, where my family owns one of a collection of squat-like of caravans-turned-shacks. It was pretty cold in the water, but worth the short dip.

The evening was more family time (my cousin’s birthday! everyone is this family is born at the same darn time), and chili mussels.   

The next day was pretty relaxed. I did some work, played with the cat, empowered her to be a bat, and ate more food:
Featuring- Pho soup, and avocado milkshake.

Tuesday morning I dug a hole in my sister’s back yard, went down to the shops, observed our bizarre Aussie fondness for green milk (spearmint)…

.. and ate a POOOOOIIII

(which is how my father would pronounce Pie) 

Oh, and in the evening I stole some cuttings from my mother, and went to Wang’s (not to be confused with Wong’s), to eat more (mediocre) squid tentacles, and some truly amazing tom yum fried noodles. 

Plus Rendang and Hor Fun.

Wednesday was my last day, so we packed in the activities. 

We went bush, to see the orchids. Went to Kings Park, to see the dinosaurs.

And Ariel and I went to the shopping centre that I worked in as a uni student.. where we ate samosa and gulab jamun.

And then it was time for the Last Meal. 

Which again had family.. but also Laksa.

And then it was time to bail!

Until next time Perth.


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