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Way back in October, I jumped on a plane from Perth and headed back to Berlin. Via London.

The plans were Birthday-y in nature. See my London-living friends. Eat food. See fireworks (Guy Fawkes). Catch up with Berlin-based friends to watch Hamilton the Musical. Eat a bit more.

It was a pretty great weekend.

Plus, there were Birds. And also squirrels. 

On our first morning we headed out of our flat to Kensington gardens.

Autumn was pretty firmly in the air, although the sky was delightfully blue by British standards.

The ground was filled with leaves, and scurrying squirrels, stocking up for the cold months ahead:        

We wandered around, judged people feeding bread to ducks and swans… and then immediately started blatantly feeding feral parakeets.     

Apparently the little fellows are rife in London, having escaped late perhaps in the 70s or 80’s (they started popping up in photos in the mid 90s).

The theories of release are quite fanciful. Some suggest they escaped from a film set used for filming The African Queen. Some say that they excepted during the Great Storm of 1987. And other theories suggest that Jimi Hendrix deliberately released a pair in the 60’s.

In any case, they’re here now. And they seem pretty smug about it:

So here’s a quiz. Who poses better?

A) Enrique:

B) Bird:

Or maybe C), they make a very pretty couple:


Ok, here is one of me in which I am not being attacked:

There was also a pretty mangy looking bird, who we were less happy to have crouching on our fingertips (although we did put a bit of apple near him so he wouldn’t grow hungry).


That bird is going to town on the apple…

.. but is also completely able to stop gnashing, and pose for a photo:

I am honestly a bit upset that Enrique learnt the song ‘Feed the Birds’ from Mary Poppins (he had never seen it!!!) after we went to London. Although this probably would have resulted in one hell of an earworm.

Anyway, it looks like the birds are pretty capable of feeding themselves:

Shall we end with another BURD photo?

Yes, yes we shall:


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