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Leucodendron dress

Welcome to another episode of ‘look-guys-I-made-a-thing’.

In which this one just happens to be a thing with sleeves so puffed that Anne of Green Gables would never love another.

The fabric was sent to me by my family, and is part of the Jocelyn Proust range that’s featured at Spotlight. Proust does a tonne of beautiful prints featuring Australian plants and animals. This one is technically the ‘Black Protea’ fabric, but my mother (another Jocelyn) informed me that Proteas are actually South African, so if we want to be truly Aussie we should invest our emotional stocks in Leucodendrons.

For those of you who are botanically inclined, Leucodendron’s are basically the Aussie cousin of Proteas- they both belong to the family Proteaceae. Other cousins include Banksias, Grevilleas, Hakeas and Macadamias!!

Anyway, as I mentioned last blog around, I’ve been getting into the home activities of late (shoutout to covid isolation).

This guy is a freestyle design, with the bodice reverse engineered from my (ready to wear) favourite-of-all-time navy japanese print dress.

Do you want to see a photo of me nearly falling backwards through our fence?

You’re welcome.

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have also mentioned a slight issue with this ‘dress’…

What ho! A skirt!

Which, obviously, has pockets.

Although actually, if I’m honest, I don’t think I made the pockets deep enough. Does anyone else have that issue- that the pockets look so huge when you’re cutting them, but then when you sew them in you realise that you’re phone’s still going to plan it’s escape every time you take a seat?

I might have to fix them at a later date- either add a button to allow them to be closed, or just cut off the bottom of the pockets and sew some more fabric.

Because truly, it’s going to be darn hard to overthrow the patriarchy with subpar pockets.

Ok, so this is undoubtably my favourite view.

The top was my first and main aim.. and the skirt/dress combo was just extra-fabric gravy.

(Btw, those black strappy bits underneath aren’t part of it, it’s just a weird bra).

Of course, I forgot to show in the shots, but the top also has enough slack around the opening to be worn off-the-shoulder. The bodice comes in enough around the boobs to keep everything from slipping.

Ok, that’s it for today.

Bonus prize for anyone who can guess the correct number of shots I took in order to get 10 that I liked!

What shall I make next eh?


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