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The Opt Top

Back before I headed off to Boston for a conference, I made a top.

Which I am calling the Opt Top.

Because Options, and because Anagrams.

Let’s get dressed!

As you can see- it’s a pretty simply structured top. Blue on one side, green on the other, made of a fairly thick cotton with a little stretch.

Each side has three buttons at the waist that hold the top in place- on the inside for one side, and the outside for the other- and three loops on each side to put the buttons into.

The material is a bit thicker than I intended, but overall this gives it a pretty good structure.

So it can can be worn on the blue side, as a simple fit.

Or the (optional) ties can be added to the side at the buttons to make it look a little more ‘artsy’.

The little ties (which are actually just long rectangles of fabric with buttons that match to the loops), can also be detached and tied on in more frivolous ways:

And of course, the shirt can be worn backwards:

Or, you know- inside out, if green is more your colour.

…aaaaannddd switched back around again.

Of course, you can also go for a bit of a mixed bag:

The top is obviously not a perfect sew. It’s a bit messy, the material is a bit thicker than I intended, and I envisioned the tied coming out a bit differently (I think I need separate, longer ties, to give a longer wrap with more waist coverage when I want it to be a less croppy crop top).

But overall, I’m really happy with how it turned. I wore it (in multiple formats) across a few different days of a conference …..

(as well as around the city afterwards)

All up, I think that with a few different accessories, it looks pretty different in different modes!

What do you think?

last week of May, 2023


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