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Look, I know I’ve been crying wolf a bit lately.. but I think it really might be happening this time.

We went for a walk today, and for the first time since my I arrival, I didn’t have to wear my ‘winter’ jacket!
It was NINE degrees.
I only had a thin jumper on.
I actually rolled up the sleeves at one point!

People! I think this may actually be it:

(of Winter).

Behold! The (fingers crossed) last remnants of snow:

We went for a nice walk in the sun, and it was really exciting to see all the bulbs emerging, and the flowers frolicking.

Take that, last of the snow!

(Look! the joy of actual snow being replaced with little snowdroppy flowers)

I mean! Really! I know you doubt my (ab)use of the English language sometimes, but that is most definitely what I would call ‘A Frolick of Flowers’.

Hangin’ with my Pony. Ever since watching Veronica Mars (probably the second best show ever), I have had a slight obsession with the idea of asking people to buy me ponies (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sBu_mkcpSU).

Who’s a pretty Mandarin Duck then?

 I’m disappointed that male humans don’t do this. Seriously, that ridiculous macho posturing to get our attention would be SO much better if you added some colour and a bit of body glitter. Also, I want to know that your display is actually reducing your fitness in some way (like the negative impact on camouflage seen above).

After some time ‘throwing great big hunks of bread at the ducks’, we headed across the bridge towards the little outdoor fair that’s happening, presumably as part of easter or spring?

I think because my parents took my sister and I to lots of school fetes when we were young I have this really positive reminiscence anytime I venture near this sort of thing (providing there are not too many people)… I really love the environment of being outdoors in the sun with the smell of food and the sound of music and voices over the loudspeaker. Oddly enough, as we walked up to the Ferris wheel they were playing Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.. which I had spent the morning singing loudly and on repeat (I only know the two chorus lines). Lucky Andy!

He managed to distract himself from my beautiful song with a half-metre long sausage.

I love how many ‘big kids’ were riding this thing.

Crepe with Tofiffee. I have probably blogged about them before but if not, google image it. They are little cups of solid toffee filled with a hazelnut, some nutella, and topped with milk chocolate. One of the most addictive inventions ever created. Add that to the gloriousness of a crepe and you have what can only described as ‘Melty Deliciousness’

… because after all the Olliebollen of Amsterdam, I couldn’t remember what Quarkballchen tasted like. This one was supposed to be Mandel, but was a bit disappointing because it wasn’t super almondy, and was also cold.

Yeah that’s right Andy.. Back. Away. From. My Crepe.

  This is more towards the centre of Potsdam. We also took a stroll down the main street.

 And had Icecream!

More Posing in the Sun:


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