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A bedroom is born

The floor of our new flat is made out of papier mache.

We knew about it before we signed, so we don’t feel robbed or anything. And the decision to put down the laminate ourselves, instead of just pay somebody to do it, came mostly from me I think.

Not so much from a place of frugality, as some sort of idea of myself- that I should be capable at some level of doing basic home repairs.

And maybe some sort of nesting tendancy. My late 20s- which I’m now entering- seems like the right sort of time to be building and plucking and moving and rennovating one’s home. There’s some sort of biological clock involved, and I supsect many hormones…. and home building is something I’m at least mentally prepared for at this stage of immaturity.

But look you see!

We did it!

Handy Andy and Tegan lay laminate.


So now, dear friends, we have a bedroom.

(The plants have already colonised).


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