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Wall weaving

Hey you guys, I made a thing!

Back in the past, many months ago, when the Phd writeup was getting me down, I spent one lonely Sunday weaving a thing.   IMG_0815 (Copy)

I didn’t have a loom, so I just pushed some nails into some thick cardboard (I’m 800% sure that wood would be better, and less ‘wriggly’, but it was Sunday, and one must not make noise on a Sunday).

Then I wrapped the twine vertically, and filled it in with various wools, materials, and strings on the horizontal. I have vague recollections of learning basic macrame when I was very young (my uncle is quiet the expert), but none of that magic remains in my mind.

So weaving it was.

You may remember that our living room colours are green (emerald), red and mustard. It’s a pretty weird combination, which is why self-made art is pretty much the only way to decorate at this point.

(The colours are a little off- deep winter in Deutschland does not for pretty pictures make- but it’s a close enough representation of what you see in real life).IMG_0819 (Copy)

Here it is in its native habitat, with an Andy-purchased penguin (‘Tegan loves penguins!’), some rather handsome books and a whole lot of plants.IMG_0848 (Copy)  IMG_0866 (Copy)

What do you think?IMG_0814 (Copy)

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