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Just a short post to show my recent scrap-busting dragony goods.

Back when I was in Berlin, I went to a kind of Sewing Market, and bought 50 cm of fancy Japanese Dragon Fabric.

I didn’t do anything with it for a bit, and then, during Lockdown, decided to make myself this Reversible Ruff Dragon Top.

It used up most of the fabric, but I had a few tiny scraps left.

So, back in July, when I was about to go visit friends in the south of France, I decided to use the remaining bits to make a small bag, and a strapless top.

The top, I’m going to be honest, is barely that. A tiny scrap of dragon material, sewn onto a black bib for a bit of extra length and with the same slightly-stretchy black material at the sides to make for ties.

It was born out of my desire to not let the beautiful dragon scrap waste away in my drawer, and my need for a strapless top to tan in. I had a wedding straight after the week-of-sun, and had very good intentions of not rocking up with strong tan lines.

As you can see, that failed.

Turns out that if you want to be in a pool all day with kids jumping on you and then grabbing at your boobs to pull themselves out of the water, you’re going to need to wear your strappy bathers.

In any case, I’m not mad at this ‘top’. I mean, there’s literally a dragon lurking under my boob. It’s hard to know what else you could want in life.

The bag was ‘designed’ based on the shape of the scraps (round-y bits, which I’m pretty sure are the cut-outs from the neck hole). There’s a zip down the middle and black fabric at the back with a bit of extra volume, to give it a nice pouch-y shape.

It’s messy, but I love it.

And it now stores all of the 6,894,792,038 items that I feel compelled to bring with me day-to-day, but which normally would keep getting lost in my larger bag or backpack.


And just last week, the tiniest of scraps caught my eye.

And I decided to make a DUMPLING.

It’s the most ridiculous thing ever and as you can see, there’s barely enough material there to even hold a zip.

Plus it also has a somewhat practical role, in holding my hairpins and tiny earrings so they don’t get lost within the larger Dragon pouch.

And it Brings Me Joy.

As most dumplings do.

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